Sunday, April 10, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 6

April 7th
F is for Fog
One of the horror's better entries into the movie world was "The Fog", do you agree? Using the fog to enshroud them as they encroached upon their helpless victims, the undead creatures in this movie caused some serious mayhem upon the little town of Antonio Bay.

Keeping with my theme of "Tools of the horror trade" this movie makes excellent use of fog almost as a weapon of fear itself.  Fog has been used in countless movies before this one, but I chose "THE" fog as the example I would use in the photos, because I don't immediately recall fog ever being used in this manor in any other movies. Honestly though it actually seems like cheating to me, I mean come on you're already undead do you really have to hide yourself in fog to be an effective undead killer?

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