Monday, April 4, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 3

April 4th
C is for Cotton Candy Cocoon!
Wow! Where do I even begin? So you probably never thought I'd be using cotton candy cocoons as my blog entry for the letter c right? Neither did I, until I was thinking about posting on chainsaws today and realized "fuck that!". (I'm really trying to be creative with this so I don't bore you ghouls checking in everyday, let me know how I'm doing) So yes I could have totally gone with chainsaws which is so obvious and boring but if my post today was on chainsaws I wouldn't have the chance to post such a f'n kick ass picture as this......
HAHA! Dead dude in a cotton candy cocoon! I am totally down with giving everybody involved with the A-Z blogging challenge lots of love, but seriously do any of you bloggers involved think you can top a post about Killer Klowns using cotton candy cocoons as a weapon?
So as you can see in the previous pic, after the clowns shoot you with their so called "Cotton Candy Ray Guns", you are left incapacitated in the cotton candy cocoon. Then they basically hang you out to dry while they carry on with their Killer Klown business, which consists of many "zany" pranks that leave you little time to fight back. After said clowns are done terrorizing the town and the rest of your friends they actually drink the blood and/or bodily fluids out of your dried out body to provide them with their daily required value of human vitamins.  These Klowns are KRAZY!!!

Well, after only the 3rd day in the A-Z Blogging Challenge with my theme of "tools of the horror trade" I have posted about;
1. Axes
2. Boomsticks! (not BROOMSTICKS hahaha)
3. Cotton Candy Cocoons
This is shaping up to be one hell of a unique blogging challenge!
Oh yeah and don't forget.........................
"In Space, no one can eat ice cream!"

please let me know if there are any misspelled cocoons in the posting, after a while the word just starting blending into itself for whatever reason, or I'm just really f'n tired!


Snakesmom said...

I certainly can not top a post about killer clowns using cotton candy cocoons as a weapon? lmao! That is a pretty darn good "C" posting. :)

Jeffrey Beesler said...

Oh wow. Death by cotton candy. I'm hard-pressed to find a yummier way to go. Excellent C-lection for this letter! Following via the A-Z Challenge.

Meowlissa said...

Ha! I totally forgot about the cotton candy guns.

Amber said...

Awesome A-Z post. I love that you pulled out the cotton candy cocoon! Big score for the A - Z challenge

Ju Dimello said... come I never knew this!! And I might never look at cotton candy the same way ever again!!

nice to meet you.
Following you from A-Z challenge!

Bz said...

Nice to meet you through the A-Z challenge! Hope to see you around!
Good Luck with the rest of A-Z

Craig Edwards said...

Very cool post - however, I will put my G post up against your C post - the challenge is made! Thanks for posting this! Cheers! said...

OMG, you have the most random blog I have ever seen. That is the ultimate compliment. I would never be so confident as to strive to top this post. Found you through the A-Z thing. My posts pale in comparison. Thanks for the laughs. Great work on your blog.

Halloweenman666 said...

Wow thank you so much everybody! And thank you Robyn I will totally take that as a compliment. I don't necessarily try to make it random per say as it is a Halloween/Horror blog, but I totally see what you're saying. I hope you come back on a regular basis to visit my little tomb in the blogosphere.