Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 19

April 21st
S is for Saw
No not that "Saw" but this one.............
The scene where Ce'cile De France weilds this totally fu#&ing badass saw is one of my favorite horror scenes of all time.  The absolute carnage that ensues in this scene is unforgettable.  You know what is forgettable though?  The ending to High Tension (Haute Tension).  WTF were they thinking with that one.  I still can 't possibly make the ending make sense no matter how hard I try, but again this isn't about the movie but the bad-ass tool that is wielded in said film.
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For those out there who haven't seen the film yet go rent it right now.  Actually scratch that, go buy it right now so you can witness the absolute mind blowing carnage at the end of this little shocker.  (Also watch the neck snap scene in the beginning, that one is a gem as well!)


Meowlissa said...


Mr. Xploit, Esquire said...

Another one I've been meaning to see. If I'm not mistaken, the director of Manic! did this movie too. Gotta check it out.

Halloweenman666 said...

Mr. Xploit, I don't think it is the same director, however please if you are any kind of horror/thriller fan please go get this film right now! Don't even bother renting, please buy it, you won't regret it!