Sunday, April 24, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 17

April 19th
Q is for Quill
I am about to provide you with only one instance where a quill is used as a tool of the trade for death, (and it's not even from a horror film) however I will address how I believe the quill is used as a tool of the horror trade without being a weapon of death later.  Here is my one instance where a quill is used as  a "tool of the horror trade" to actually kill someone.
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Now please let me explain this next instance of the use of a quill.  I'm not sure if Edgar Allan Poe actually wrote with a quill, however he has been represented in many instances as using one.  As far as this being a tool of the trade, if Poe did use a quill to write some of the macabre stories that we all now consider such classics than could it be said that the quill was his "tool of the horror trade"?
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I would also like to apologize yet again for the funky centering of the pictures in the last few posts as yet again Blogger seems to hate me with its formatting.

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