Sunday, April 10, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 4

April 5th
D is for Dolls
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Dolls have made their presence felt in the last two decades of horror movie madness, as you can see in some of the stills here.  First up we have the "Good Guy doll" Chucky, a.k.a. Charles Lee Ray.  Using the doll as a vessel to continue his killings, Charles Lee Ray really cranked out the chaos in the Child's Play movies.
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Next up we have "Dolls", the insane little feature in which a bunch of creepy little dolls run amok in a mansion run by two toy-makers.  I still remember renting this movie during one of the old school weekend horror nights I used to have when I was little.  The scene that still stands out in my head is the scene where the doll runs one of the characters face into a wall breaking the person's nose and crushing their face.
This creepy doll was from a more modern movie titled: "Dead Silence" The doll looks creepy as hell and almost resembles the doll from the Goosebumps novel & movie: Night of the Living Dummy
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As you can probably tell I messed up the last few days and forgot to post my entries for the A-Z Blogging Challenge so this entry and the next few will be very short. I'm really sorry to cut these short but I have to play catch-up.

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