Sunday, April 17, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 12

April 14th
L is for Lollipop
Lollipop?  Really?  Give me a chance ghouls I think you'll like it.  One of our favorite new horror icons wielded a lollipop as his weapon so why not give him some love in the A-Z Blogging Challenge?
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Yes, I'm talking about Sam from "Trick R' Treat"  Trick R' Treat is another movie that I was so critical of when I finally got to see it.  I remember the day it finally came out on DVD I rushed to Walmart (yuck, but the only place that carried it by my house) and the whole time I waited in line I was thinking about the high hopes I had for the film and all the crazy good reviews I had read.  But after watching it I was kind of like "that's it?"  But.......... after several re-watches and cleansing my mind of what other people had said about it I realize what a masterpiece this film is.  It is definately required Halloween season viewing and to be quite honest is a must watch on the actual night along with Halloween I, II, & III.  ( want my Halloween season required viewing list?)

If you haven't been to the Trick R' Treat official website you should check it out by clicking here, it is one hell of a website!
I want to remind everyone to come by HalloweenOverkill later today (since it is after midnight, thats Sunday April 17th) at 9:00 P.M. and pick a number (or register your own account) to sign into the live chat on the right side of my blog because I will be having a giveaway for Hysteria Project 2 for the iPad!!!  Also I will be catching up on some of the posts I missed this week including the letter M which I'm pretty sure you won't want to miss.  Want a clue?  It's a body part!  Actually it's two body parts! HAHAHA  Come back to see it unveiled tomorrow and don't forget 9 o' clock sharp be on the live blog chat on the sidebar for the giveaway.  ( we will be doing horror trivia for the codes!)



Brandon said...

Hey, I may have to give this film another shot then. I did the same thing you did the minute i heard it was on DVD i picked it up, only to be dissapointed, maybe it was because i had so much high hopes for it after the reviews, but i was so dissapointed i never watched it again. so maybe ill give it another few re-watches after reading your review and see what i feel

Brandon said...

hey speaking of Sam and trick R Treat i found this little short you may enjoy featuring Sam, i got a good kick out of it check it out. found it from