Friday, July 30, 2010

Please help!

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How many of you play Rock Band?  That's great but even if you don't you can still be a part of history by helping HalloweenOverkill spread the word about getting "Werewolves of London" into Rock Band 3!  There is absolutely no reason this Warren Zevon classic hasn't been added to the Rock Band catalog yet.  To add this song would also be a tribute to the late Warren Zevon, an amazing songwriter who left us much to early.  Now with Rock Band 3 dropping this holiday season and the addition of the keyboard peripherel to the game this should be the perfect time for Harmonix to add this all around (not to mention Halloween season) classic to the library.  I am asking everyone to sign this petition so that Harmonix will realize its folly and add the song to the game whether it be by adding it to Rock Band 3's new playlist or giving it to us as a dlc song. (downloadable content for those non-gamers out there)  Please support this movement by clicking either here or the Warren Zevon album covers seen above or below.  Also I need each and every one of you to recruit as many people as you can to sign the petition also.  The more people we get to sign this the better chance we have of Harmonix listening to us, and Harmonix DOES listen to their fans!  So please whether you are a gamer or not, play Rock Band or not, or just plain do not care please help those of us who crave this classic to be added to our set lists by signing the petition!!!
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Fred [The Wolf] said...

Another Rock Band fan! Awesome! I dunno if you heard, but this song is actually expected to be already on the RB3 disc. There was a leaked setlist with this song on it. And judging by the songs that were confirmed at Comic-Con, I think it could happen since most of those songs were on the leaked setlist. Either way, it'll be on RB3 soon enough, either as disc or DLC. No doubt.

Jeremy [Retro] said...


Anonymous said...

My one of my zom-spring tried to teach me how to play...freaking thing is harder than it looks, lol. Sadly, he has left our zombie horde for life in the wolf pack...and now it's "werewolves this and werewolves that". Well, at least he can still join us on full moons for family hunts.
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Petunia Scareum

Jenny Krueger said...

Great site!

Sam Hain said...

Hey man, just wanted to let you know that I gave you a "Favorite Blog" award. :)