Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Update

Sorry about the lack of posts, things will pick up once the move happens on Thursday morning.  We should have internet at our new place by Friday morning so this might be the last update until then, sorry.

UPDATE! It was brought to my attention by iZombie that I had my comments settings all messed up, so it was actually my fault nobody could comment on the last few posts including the contest.  I am really sorry about this and hopefully it won't happen again.  I am new to this so hopefully everybody will cut me some slack haha
Also thank you iZombie
     1.  Since nobody ( not even 1 of you wanted some free stuff? ) signed up for the contest, I have no winners to announce, guess I'll have another contest in a month or so.

    2.  I don't know how many of you are sports fans, but being one myself I thought it would be fun to have just one more fantasy football team ( 1 is never enough, I have 5 )  I was wondering if any of you fans wanted to join a fantasy football league?  It would just be my wife and myself and any of you fans that wanted to play, pretty much a league just for ourselves.  Anyone interested??  We would need at least 8 other people to properly run a league and you'd have to sign up for a free account over at let me know in the comments or email me at if you wanna play and leave your email address so I can contact you about online draft dates and such.

   3.  I added a HalloweenOverkill facebook page and my personal page, please become a fan of the page and go to my personal page and friend me if you would so desire.

   4.  I also put up my xbox 360 gamer tag, again send me a friend request. ( the gamertag is Halloweenman666 )  I'm on my xbox way more than I should be so there could be several nights of over the top gaming haha.  Just another way to bring all us Horror/Halloween fans closer together.

  5.  I added a live chat on the sidebar as well.  All you have to do to chat with myself or other fans on the blog is pick a random guest # and sign in, or you could head over to and get yourself a dedicated account so we all know who you are.  Again I'm on the blog's mainpage way more than I should be, but I thought this would be yet another way for all of us to communicate and have some fun on those boring nights after all the old blog posts have been read.

  6.  Any questions/concerns/comments about the blog so far?  It's been going pretty well for the first 3 months or so but I want all the input I can get so that it can become as fabulous as the blogs I list over in my sidebar.  Those are the blogs I go to most and the blogs that provided me the inspiration to want to do this blog thing in the first place.

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iZombie said...

great site, turning into the rocketship to mars...