Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guillermo Del Toro is rebooting the Haunted Mansion movie!!!

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 Welcome Foolish Mortals!  
This news was just recently announced at this years Comic Con, which is taking place in San Diego.  Is this the project that Guillermo left "The Hobbit" for, if so it could be one of the only ones that will actually make it worth his absence from the The Hobbit.  Apparently the new Haunted Mansion movie will feature a mythology which centers around the Hat Box Ghost.  Those that don't know of the fabled legend of the Hat Box Ghost should go google it right now, you aren't a Haunted Mansion fan until you know the whole story anyways right?  Also Del Toro states that this time when the movie shifts into scary mode it will actually be scary.  He also said it will still be a fun movie, but insists that it will also be scary as well.  The movie will be live-action and in 3D, of course. (Which new movie wouldn't be touted as a non 3D movie right?)  Anyways how pumped are you guys for this news, I know I am extremely excited to see the finished product which is probably a long way off.  Lets all sit patiently and discuss while we wait!  Comment below about this awesome news and a ghost will follow you home!
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The Spooky Vegan said...

Great news!!

Del Toro is a filmmaker I can get behind for this project! Maybe fans will finally get a *good* Haunted Mansion movie!