Friday, July 23, 2010

Ya know that Haunted Mansion reboot we talked about yesterday

Well here is the first official concept art from the film! The picture has the "hatbox ghost" featured up at the top, and again if you don't know the hatbox ghost story go look it up, its an interesting one. Also if you take a look at the shape of the poster, (you can't really tell because the outline blends in with my backround)it is very long almost as if it was meant to replicate one of the "stretching room" posters.

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 Credit for this photo goes to You can read their exclusive coverage of the new artwork by clicking here. Also the artwork was done by the fabulous Brandon Ragnar Johnson, you can see more of his stuff over at


Jeremy [Retro] said...

two thumbs... way up!

Anonymous said...

Can't WAIT for this... Looks like it will fit the actual feel of the ride. Been a long time comin!

Anonymous said...

This art is amazing!! Does this mean the Hatbox Ghost is going to be in Del Toro's flick?
Dreaded Dreams
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