Monday, May 3, 2010

Technical difficulties already!

Well we're less than a week into this and already experiencing technical difficulties.  Sorry ghouls and gals.  I had a big horror themed video game review planned for tonight but alas the stars were not aligned.  I'm sure I'll have the scan of the cover and pics up by tomorrow night as well as the review itself.  In the meantime I do believe I have discovered the official "Seal of Disapproval" for movies that I deem as suckage. Look out this weekend for our first "can burn eyes" product.  Also any suggestions for a rating system?  Out of 5 skulls? Out of 10 brains?  So without further ado here is the big unveiling for the official seal of suck.  Leave me some suggestions below for that rating system thing I mentioned just 1 sentence ago.

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iZombie said...

we are going to wait, take your fix'n time...