Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crystal Lake right around the corner!

The other day I realized that an opportunity had finally come to post pictures of something that is literally right in my backyard.  I've been holding on to these pictures with hopes that one day I'd be able to share them with poeple who may actually be interested.  Well what better group of people than the followers of HalloweenOverkill!  I literally live less than 2 streets away from "Crystal Lake."  Creepy isn't it?  Actually what is way more frightening is the fact that another horror landmark is only about another mile the other way.  What is this creepy landmark you ask.  Well I'll give you a clue.  Every town has one of these.  For now check out these pics of Crystal Lake and if you look real hard in the background of one you just might see a little boat full of unsuspecting victims.


1 comment:

Autumnforest said...

Oh--that's wicked! Someone needs to draw a big wet monster-guy leaping out of the water and grabbing the guy in the boat! That's hilarious!