Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alan Wake is finally arriving

Mark your calendars for May 18th!! Alan Wake is finally hitting store shelves after a very long development cycle of about 5 years. Alan Wake follows the story of a writer who is having some troubles in his career. What happens next is a bizarre chain of events that begin with his wife taking him to a city in the Pacific Northwest known as Bright Falls to try to help him with his writers block. In a very strange twist Alan's wife is kidnapped and Alan begins encountering some very disturbing creatures in the form of the "Taken". The town and its inhabitants begins to resemble something very familiar to Alan: the current novel he is writing! The game is very story driven and also has some fantastic action elements according to most reviews. So far the game has received very high reviews and most of the only complaints are about the length of the game itself which is said to be around 8-12 hours depending on the skill level you play the game at. The game also features licensed music, live video television shows within the game, and a unique new attack system which involves using flashlights and flare guns to attack the deadly creatures. The game isn't being called a survival horror game but is being billed as a psychological action thriller. The game will also feature a unique system wherein you play the game through episodes like a television show where each episode ends with a cliffhanger which will leave you wanting to come back to see what happened. Following the release of the game the developers Remedy Entertainment plan on releasing down-loadable content in the form of more episodes. So if you have an X-Box 360 this looks like it should be one of the must own games of this summer. Also check out for some live action video sequences that were filmed to help promote the game.  Hopefully I'll be getting this as a b-day gift in about 2 weeks, so a review should follow soon after.  Hype it up in the comments below!

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