Friday, May 28, 2010

Jack Chop

So is it too early to start writing Halloween themed posts?  Of course not!  It is HalloweenOverkill after all, isn't it?  Well I wanna share something with everyone out there who doesn't already know about the greatness that is Ariescope, the film company of one Mr. Adam Green who is the amazing filmmaker behind such fantastic films as Hatchet (a must see!), Spiral, and Frozen.  On every year Mr. Green and co. make a short halloween themed film to celebrate the holiday, and this year's entry was the best ever!  As they put it on, "Step aside Slap-Chop and move over Sham-Wow...there's a new game in town." WARNING: the video below does include some salty language so keep the kids away.  After watching this clip go out and trick or treat yourself to Hatchet on DVD--you will not regret it!  Also, be sure to visit for more of their awesome Halloween shorts.


Emily Wierszewski said...

i can't decide what's my favorite part: the fact that he's wearing an xbox 360 headset, or the fact that the "jack chop" is just the same $2 pumpkin carving kit i have from CVS..

Autumnforest said...

Awesome! That was great! Yeah, Halloween never stops for me--it's around my house and in my horror writing all year and come June--I kick it up on my blog too. I get Halloweenitis the minute the temperature goes above 85!