Friday, June 10, 2011

The wait is over.......for real this time!

T-minus 1 day ghouls!!!! Finally this is really happening, a real life, honest to goodness regularly scheduled feature on HalloweenOverkill. That's right "Are You Afraid of the Blog?" will be a recurring (seriously, why do I always have the urge to type reOccuring?) feature on the blog, twice a week, every week.  This won't just be recaps of the t.v. episodes either.  OHHHHH NOOOOOOO, I will be adding some HalloweenOverkill flair to each post with some humor and other trivial knowledge type information.  There will also be some special posts that will sneak their way between the regular posts.  What kind of special posts you ask?  Well keep in mind it wasn't just a show, but a book series, and even a video game!  Yes, you read that correctly, the very rare and elusive "Are You Afraid of the Dark?: The Tale of Orpheo's Curse" for the p.c. will be featured and reviewed.  I really hope everyone embraces this feature and loves it as much as I will love bringing it to you. AYAOTD was something that I looked forward to every single weekend as a child and because of my love for the show it left me with very fond memories of watching it with my younger sister and whoever was babysitting us at the time.  I remember waiting for the week to end and literally sitting in my living room counting down the hours until SNICK would begin. I would patiently watch Clarissa Explains it all, Roundhouse, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, The Ren and Stimpy Show, and whatever else would be shown until that glorious moment when the creepy AYAOTD theme would pop into the television speakers. Seriously though, I really did and still love this show and have a genuine passion for it, (aren't we all passionate about the awesomeness of our childhood?) and I hope you all enjoy this feature and maybe, just maybe I can rekindle your childhood memories and bring you back to the better days.
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Brandon said...

I love this post, i used to watch this all the time as well with my sister. it was brilliant show and still to this day continues to be a great show despite the fact its not on. so looking forward to this post

Justine's Halloween said...

Wonderful! As maybe the biggest "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" fan out there, I'm really looking forward to this!

I managed to find bootlegged copies of the series on ebay years ago and still enjoy watching them! Even as an adult, it's fun to get together with friends, watch some of these shows, and relive our childhoods!

Marrow said...

My god. I am SO excited! I used to love this show too! One of my main purposes in life was to watch the episode which featured the dripping red zombie in the title sequence. 'Dead Man's Float' it was. I can't wait!

Halloweenman666 said...

Biggest AYAOTD fan you say, eh Justine? I challenge you to that title! Just messin, actually I'm thinking some guest blogging on the feature, you in?

Halloweenman666 said...

I aim to please Marrow! Actually I'm really glad to have this kind of response, I'd love to provide everybody with this kind of excitement for as long as I can with the feature. Please spread the word, tell all of your blogging fans and friends to stop by and check out the Are You Afraid of the Blog? feature! And yes Marrow that episode was kick-ass, I was just telling my wife that during the opening credits as well!

Justine's Halloween said...

Halloweenman666 ~ OK, I guess we can share the title. :) I'm totally in for doing some guest blogging! I probably have endless amounts to say about favorite "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" episodes, so just let me know whenever you have space in your blog for a guest writer!