Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Return of Sam!!!

Something one of my ghouls pointed out a few posts back was a short vid on Fearnet that showcased the return of every-bodies favorite sack headed Halloween mascot.  You guessed it!  Sam returned to deliver us all a happy Easter. (and remind us that we were half-way to Halloween!)  In case you missed it, check out the short vid below.

Words cannot describe how happy I was to see the return of Sam, but the fun didn't stop with Easter. It seems as though Mr. Mike Dougherty isn't content with just wishing us a happy Easter, because as you can see below Fearnet posted another Sam Short wishing all the fathers out there a happy father's day!

Only 5 months till Halloween!!! Are you kidding me, someone is finally going to give Trick 'r Treat some lovin and give the film it's own marathon! Count me in! I hope the hype doesn't end with father's day and continues right on until Halloween with more of these awesome Sam shorts, and hopefully during this marketing blitz we'll get some sort of confirmation about the oft rumored Trick 'r Treat 2! Actually now that I'm thinking about it, they should run the trailer for Trick 'r Treat 2 (if there will be one) at midnight on Halloween at the very end of the marathon as a awesome treat for those who stayed until the very end, almost like they used to do with the old school Halloween marathons during days of old. My idea kind of has that Halloween 3: Season of the Witch vibe going, with the whole viral video commercial vibe to it. (except hopefully the TOT 2 trailer won't make bugs spill out of your eye sockets) By the way Fearnet or Mr. Dougherty, if you steal my idea, a job with your marketing team would be great!  Or I suppose I'll settle for a link to my blog hahaha. Which short do you like better, and what are some of your ideas for future holidays?

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Brandon said...

haha yes i was going to post this one here for you but you beat me to it, i have to say i enjoyed the easter one a bit more just seemed more fun and evil at the same time. by the way i like your idea