Saturday, June 11, 2011

Are You Afraid of the Blog? Installment 1!!!

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Here we are!  The moment you've all been waiting for. (sorry for all those false promises about starting this feature a year ago) HalloweenOverkill proudly brings you the first installment of the new feature Are You Afraid of the Blog?  Before we get into a breakdown of the first episode I'd like to share a little background about the show.  Filmed in Canada, Are You Afraid of the Dark was destined to be a hit among the viewing audience at the time due to its light horror fare that every young child craved at the time.  I think many people considered this show almost as "Tales from the Crypt" light.  The show never really pushed the boundaries of horror per say, however many of the episodes were absolutely terrifying at the time and some even hold up to today's standards of creepy yet fun television.  Created by D.J. MacHale, author of such series' as Pendragon and Morpheus Road, the show held its own on SNICK for a respectable 6 years and even returned for a 1999-2000 revamp season.  Enough of the background, HalloweenOverkill presents Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode 1 otherwise known as.........................


Original Air Date: 8/15/1992

Episode Synopsis:  In this meeting of the Midnight Society, Frank attempts to be initiated by the group by telling a story blindfolded (as only unanimously elected members of the Midnight Society can know the location of the meetings). His tale begins with two brothers lost in the woods. As night falls, the boys are desperate to find their way home--so desperate they listen to the advice of some random guy wandering the woods with a flashlight who, as the younger brother smartly observes, could be "a maniac killer in a hockey mask who's gonna slash us." The stranger, or Flynn as we come to learn is his name, leads them to Dr. Vink's (that's Dr. Vink with a va-va-va-va) cabin in the woods, cautioning them that Dr. Vink can help them but for a great price (observant ghouls and gals will note that Dr. Vink is a recurring character in the series, and this is the first of many appearances). As the boys encounter Dr. Vink (who is, by the way, not a "nutbag"), they begin to realize what the random stranger meant--but it's not until a little later that they understand how the stranger and Dr. Vink are connected.

Storyteller: Frank, who is not officially a member of the Midnight Society when he tells the story.

Featured Fiend: A ghost and a mad scientist (two for one!).

Freakiest Moment: It’s a tie between the agonizingly long minute Dr. Vink spends creepily massaging an animal brain and the moment when, shortly thereafter, he busts out a giant pair of hedge trimmers and threatens to cut the phone cord (okay, it’s a phone cord from a landline – toenail trimmers and, heck, even teeth could cut that bad boy).

Totally Radical '90s Moment, Dude: The denim. In particular, the stonewashed denim. It appears in many varieties, but the best is the sleeveless jean shirt or jacket, which Frank the storyteller sports. One of the lost brothers also pairs his denim shirt with—wait for it—dark denim jeans (paired, of course, with high top sneakers). Coming in as a close second for most "radical" '90s references is the use of the word "lame-wad."

Gratuitous screen shots: Because you probably have Internet induced ADD and were dying for some pictures, and because you just can't get enough Are You Afraid of the Dark...

Our first glimpse of "The Midnight Society"

The good Dr. Vink, or is that Hagrid making a special appearance?  Hmmm................. 

(SPOILER ALERT!) Flynn the ghost telling the brothers, "I sorta died!!!!" (SPOILER ALERT!)

BONUS TRIVIA:  Can you save yourself by ansewing Dr. Vink's riddles?
 1.  How far can you walk into the woods? 
2.  What is it that has no weight, can be seen by the naked eye and if you put it in a barrel will make the barrel lighter? 

Well what do you think ?  Too much, not enough, or just right?  Please feel free to use the comments as an open forum to share your love with me for Are You Afraid of the Dark?  Also please let me know how you liked the first installment and if you want anything changed.


Brandon said...

I think it was a great 1st post, i loved the differnt breakdowns such as the freakiest moment, and the tottally 90s moment, both great additions very good post I look forward to number 2

Justine's Halloween said...

Dr. Vink was nasty, but I thought the scariest part was the "I sorta died" moment. :) Ah yes, the light denim and also the way the tongues of the sneakers are pulled over the pant legs by several inches! haha, I love reliving nasty 90s fashion through these episodes. :) (Oh and I hope I'm not spoiling much by saying this, but half-way and a hole) Oh, and I had no idea this show was Canadian!

Halloweenman666 said...

Very nice Justine, you would be safe from Dr. Vink's curse. Oh, and now that you do know it is Canadian show go ahead and re-watch some of the episodes listening for the accent. It will probably really stand out to you now.

Justine's Halloween said...

Thanks! Yeah, the less time I'd have to spend around Dr. Vink, the better!

I'll definitely keep the Canadian accent thing in mind the next time I watch these!