Monday, June 13, 2011

Are You Afraid of the Blog? Episode 2!!

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Today we bring you Are You Afraid of the Blog? episode 2 and we're stepping it up with some even more totally radical 90's moments than the last episode.  We'll also have some more gratuitous screen shots to help quell your internet a.d.d. along with some trivia to hold you over until episode 3 which will hit later this week!  Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society I call this blog post............

Original Air Date: 8/29/1992

Episode Synopsis: When Amanda finds out she has to spend the summer at her cousin Beth's house, she is less than thrilled and for a good reason -- cousin Beth is a real bitch. The insane way she lashes out at Amanda, her own mother, and her exceptionally old and decrepit nanny is, well, insane. To put it kindly, the girl needs to take some mood stabilizers. In spite of Beth's horrific behavior, Amanda decides she'd like to hang out with Beth and her posse. In order to be accepted into the clique, Amanda must accept their dare and stay overnight at the house next door, which is rumored to be haunted. The rumors are definitely true, and before the summer's over the ghost who lives there is going to teach Beth a lesson.

Storyteller: David

Featured Fiend: A ghost -- a child ghost, to be specific

Freakiest Moment:  The ghost child offers Amanda her locket.  The "Help Me's" tagged all over the wall just add the unthinkable creepiness of the scene.

Totally Radical '90s Moment, Dude: It's a tie here between Beth's 3" high teased bangs and her equally awesome recreational roller-blades. The bangs were a '90s art form that required a comb, at least one bottle of hairspray, and a lot of elbow grease. You've got to hand it to Beth: she might be a complete psycho bitch, but she knew how to tease those bangs.



Gratuitous Screen Shots:  Don't have access to the show for yourself?  Use these screenshots to recreate the moment in your head! HAHA

Children are scary, ghost children are FU#%ING SCARY!

Another great 90's trend, the wood paneling on cars

So in the first episode we had a guest appearance from Hagrid, now we have Professor McGonagall in this episode!  Whats with the invasion of Harry Potter characters?  (I kid, I kid)

Little bitch got owned!

Bonus Trivia:  
    - Beth actually drops a "Zeeb" in this episode -
- Sugar is what the Midnight Society throws on the fire to make it flare up -
- According to original air dates this was actually the 3rd episode, whoops, sorry for the mistake ghouls -


Brandon said...

another great are you afraid of the blog post, you add the perfect amount of humor to these posts, its great. I couldnt help but to actually laugh out loud at the invasion of the harry potter characters!! good post man

Justine's Halloween said...

haha, yeah "zeeb" Ah man...

Oh, those bangs! I went to high school with a girl who had those bangs. Considering that was the late 90s, she was slightly behind the times. Anyway, she was rockin' a perm with those! She was bitchy too. So, maybe those are "bitchy bangs" :) Yeah, I remember the mean girl in this episode. Yikes. The ghost was memorable too! That was pretty frightening to me at the time!

There is one episode of this show that scared me the most. Heck, it probably still scares me a little...I can't wait until you write about that one!

Justine's Halloween said...

Oh, and I forgot to say something about the sugar they threw on the fire. I had no idea! I always thought that was sand. Even though I'm an obsessed fan, it seems there's more for me to learn about this show! :)