Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Discworld novel!!!!!

That's right ghouls, you heard it here first. (right?)  I don't care if it's horror related or not I have to give Sir Terry Pratchett a big shout out anytime he has something new coming out.  That time is now!  Coming in September is Terry's new Discworld novel, "I Shall Wear Midnight".  This book falls into the Tiffany Aching Adventures category but is still no less a novel of Discworld.  In Short, Discworld is a flat planet that sits on the back's of four great elephants that are standing on the back of the giant turtle Great A'Tuin.  Sounds amazing right?  Well it is.  If you haven't read any of the Discworld novels head over to your local bookstore and start with, "The Color of Magic" the first of the Discworld novels.  Anyways here are two pieces of artwork (U.K. artwork & U.S. artwork?) and the trailer for the new book.
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EDIT-Not quite sure why the trailer says February, but his website and amazon both say September.  Oh well I guess we'll have to play the waiting game for the next month to find out.

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The Frog Queen said...

I already preordered mine from - really looking forward to this one.