Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Call to Arms!

Fellow bloggers, I need your help.  Have you ever thought of something, or had a memory and you just couldn't recall all of the details?  You know that feeling of emptiness within the memory where you know the basics but just can't pin down the details.  Well, I had one of those moments about an hour ago.  I tried "googling" my memory in every way, shape, and form and just couldn't get anything to come up.  The item in question is a scratch card type game that featured a mad scientist as the logo.  These scratch cards weren't just generic scratch cards though, they featured other cool gimmicks.  One of these other cool gimmicks involved getting one of those red little filter things you could hold over certain parts of the card to reveal hidden words, kind of like the thing that came with "Outburst"  Anyways I know those are kind of vague clues but if anyone can remember what these scratch off cards were called please comment below.  Even if you don't know what they were called but at least know what I'm talking about then I'd love for you to comment as well.  Maybe one of you internet detectives, or those with photographic memories (which I usually have, I have no idea why this one is escaping me!) can help me figure out what this was that I am trying to remember!  Oh and one other clue just hit me as well, I'm pretty sure these were a little pricey back in the day and the only place I ever recall being able to buy them at were the local hobby shops.

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Vivienne Moss said...

The only one I could find was one called The Alchemist. Hope this help.