Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blogger Zombie Walk 2011


On September 30th, HalloweenOverkill will be participating in what I believe is the first ever virtual zombie walk!  Created by our friend Autumn over at Ghost Hunting Theories.  The idea for the zombie walk is for every participant to post anything zombie related that day, and then after reading a particular post on a blog you can just hop on over to the next participating blog by way of a link list every participant will have posted.  This should run very similar to a blog hop (or a "bar hop" if you will).  I myself may be posting more than one thing that day so make sure you come on by the day, maybe even more than once if you're bored.  I'd also like to mention that if anyone has any suggestions of things they might want posted let me know.  On another note, I have decided to start one or two tumblr blogs, and not these are not replacing this blog.  HalloweenOverkill will always remain as my "home" blog and my main attraction.  I just love trying new things and thought that tumblr would let me blog about some other topics that I don't really want cluttering up my Halloween/Horror themed blog.  I will be posting the links to the new tumblr blogs later tonight after I have them set up!  I'm also still looking for a co-conspirator for this year's Halloween Countdown logo, or at least some ideas or inspiration.  The theme I'm thinking about using for the logo this year would have a vintage Halloween decoration feel to it such as the pic below, if anyone wants to throw ideas at me let me know!  Another helpful contribution from any of you ghouls would be if you had any vintage clip-art or vintage pictures to incorporate into the logo.


Little Gothic Horrors said...

I'm already signed up for the Zombie Walk and really looking forward to it. I like your analogy of a "bar hop". Does that mean we should have a drink for each blog we visit? Haha. Can you imagine the standard of the comments by the end of the walk?!

I've always meant to say that I love your Halloween Overkill banner! Vintage Halloween imagery is so cool!!

Halloweenman666 said...

HAHA, a drink for every blog visited! Actually that gives me some inspiration. I might just invent my own Halloween Pumpkin Ale labels for the countdown this year. Thank you for the kind words about the banner, i altered an image a little and added the "Halloween Overkill" part (with permission from the person who owns the pic of course). Now that you bring it up though, if you are a master of all things blogger I might need your help with something regarding the banner size and the actual size of my blog. If you are a master, email me!

Autumnforest said...

I can't wait to see what you do!