Wednesday, January 12, 2011

HalloweenOverkill Readathon Adventure 2011

Where you at ghouls?  So far all I have participating in the readathon is myself and Melissa over at  I'd really like a few more people to make this a really fun adventure, however if it is just myself and a few others that will be fine as well.  I will be creating the Readathon page this weekend so you can keep track of what has been read for what categories.  If you wanna see what Melissa has chosen for her books head over to and check out her picks.  Below are the picks I have made for the categories.

1.  Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.
     A book concerning time travel.
    My book: Slaughter House Five, by Kurt Vonnegut
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2.  Is the book better than the movie?
     A book that was adapted into a film.
    My book: Something Wicked this way comes, by Ray Bradbury
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3.  This thing is a paperweight!!!
     A book that is over 500 pages.
     My book: Under the Dome, by Stephen King
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4.  A tribute to the Prince of Darkness.
     A book with Dracula as a character.
     My book: The Dracula Dossier, by James Reese
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5.  Trick or Treat!!!
     A book that takes place on or during Halloween.
     My book: Dark Harvest, by Norman Partridge
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6.  Just collecting dust.......
     A book you've owned for more than a year that has yet to be read.
     My book: Gil's All Fright Diner, by A. Lee Martinez
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7.  Next year is gonna suck.
     A book concerning the apocalypse or the end of the world.
     My book: The Island at the end of the World, by Sam Taylor
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8.  Stranger than fiction.
     A non-fiction book concerning horror in some way shape or form.
     My book:  Sundays with Vlad, by Paul Bibeau
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9.  Old school master of horror.
     A book written by Stephen King.
     My book:  The Mist, by Stephen King
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10.  New school master of horror
      A book written by Brian Keene
      My book: Castaways, by Brian Keene
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11.  This stuff isn't just for adults.
      A young adult or teen horror novel
      My book:  The Hollow: Horseman, by Christopher Golden & Ford Lytle Gilmore
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The cover images I used above obviously belong to the respective copyright owners, but I thought I'd show the actual covers of the versions I would be using in case any body else wanted to read the exact copies I own. Thanks and let me know if you're interested!!!!


Paul Bibeau said...

I feel pretty honored/scared crapless being squeezed in between Vonnegut and Bradbury.

iZombie said...

iZombie does not know how to read!
dumb zombie...

The Frog Queen said...

What great choices. I am going to check this out. Thanks for sharing. Very, very cool!


Daph said...

Love the choices!!

Kat said...

I've finally gotten through my library, and I'm all set up with my book choices over in my Bits and Bobs section. I'll be posting reviews as I read them... I can't wait to start!