Monday, October 4, 2010

Scared Stiff Tv has made a Halloween masterpiece, and you really must check it out!  Seriously, check out Tiny's Halloween below and then head over to their website, Scared Stiff TV.  Once over there you can watch other shorts films which Scared Stiff describes as, "Scared Stiff is a new horror anthology show that is created by horror fans, for horror fans."  Watch this and then read on for my take on the film.

Wasn't that amazing?  Seriously, the production values were slick as hell, the atmosphere was spot on, the sound fx were perfect, and the actors/actresses really brought it home.  The thing that really stood out about this production was the tension it created.  You really thought that each person Tiny visited was going to be his victim but essentially he was just there for some treats.  I love how they waited until the last scene to give us the "treats," again the tension was one of my favorite parts of this production.  Do yourself a favor and head over to Scared Stiff TV or their youtube channel here.  Well, another great piece of Halloween memorabilia for you on HalloweenOverkill's 1st Annual Halloween Countdown (2010) and up next for you we have.......... lets just say you're going to want to be here tomorrow for something special.  Does the word "giveaway" excite anybody? 

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Ali said...

How do! Trying to get around to some of the amazing blogs participating in Cryptkeeper 2010. I'll definitely be following you. In a non-stalker, axe wielding weirdo kind of way of course. *evil snicker*