Thursday, October 14, 2010

17 Days Left............Halloween Countdown 2010 CONTEST!!!!


Who doesn't like a great deal on DVDs?  Well in case you haven't heard of them yet, you need to head on over to  These folks have some seriously crazy deals on DVD packages.  Oh and by the way they have BluRay titles as well!  After watching a few of the films on the "Pure Terror" 50 Movie Pack, I cannot stress enough how awesome of deal CrazyApe DVD packs really are.
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The Pure Terror Pack contains classics such as "Dr. Jekyll and the Werewolf" (starring the amazing Paul Naschy), "The House by the Cemetery" (which by the way was the first movie I jumped into on this set, and if you haven't seen it, buy this pack and watch it now-- you have never seen a crazy bat scene like the one in this movie), and "Scared to Death" (with the absolutely always terrific Bela Lugosi).  These are just some of the names of big stars found on these 12, yes I said 12, discs of DVD terror ranging from downright cheesy to pretty damned terrifying.  As far as the quality of the transfers on this disc I don't really have any complaints. The audio was off on one of the titles but I believe that probably extends all the way back to the original.  The quality actually gave them a bit of that "old school" horror vibe to them and actually enhanced the experience if anything.  I also had the chance to check out their Cult Terror Cinema 12 pack which really took me back to the days of my youth.  I swear this collection had some of the exact movies I would sneak out of my bedroom after midnight to watch on after hours cable.  The sweet thing about this deal is that you get all 12 of these Cult Terror Cinema films in one pack for just $8.99 (price at time of writing, list price is $14.98)!!!  I have to stress yet again how great of a deal you get with these folks.
 I highly recommend you head over to to check out trailers for some of these Horror and Cult DVD movie packs.  Another thing to keep in mind is that CrazyApe doesn't just sell horror packs, but they also have holiday packs including Christmas movies, cult cinema, drive in movies, bombshell collections, and documentaries as well!
 Now for the big announcement!  I bring to you the first contest in the inaugural HalloweenOverkill Halloween Countdown 2010 being brought to you by &!!!  The fine prize up for grabs is their "Blood Suckers" 12 Movie Collection.
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 As found on the back of the case, this set truly is "A fangtastic pack of films with bite!"  Included in this pack are titles such as: Blood Bound, Blood Sucking Babes from Burbank, Hollywood Vampyr, Lifeblood, Strange things happen at Sundown, and others.
   Here are the rules for this contest:
  1.  Comment on this post below with your email addy and your favorite quote from a vampire flick.
  2.  Head on over to BloodyDVDs Facebook page here and "like" it.  (I'll confirm this with the winner)
  3.  Winner will have this shipped to them as safe as the post office can provide.  (No guarantees, but I promise I'll try to ship fast and safe.)
  4.  Winner must live in the continental U.S. (sorry folks, I'm not rich----yet)
Again you really need to head over to or or BloodyDVDs Facebook page and order yourself some of their awesome DVD sets in time for a Halloween Horror Marathon, or just plain out thank them for being so fuc%&ing awesome!  I'd also like to thank for providing the reviewing copies and the contest giveaway set.
By the way this contest ends Friday, October 22nd.
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Daph said...

My fave quote from a vamp movie is
"And YOU MUST BE MAX" From The Lost Boys

fromhell13 said...
I "liked" their page a long time ago. As for my favorite vampire quote it would either be "I never" from Dracula or "Holy shit, you ate my ex-girlfriend! I don't know whether to call the police or buy you flowers." from Bitten.

iZombie said...

welcome to fright night... for real!