Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Myers' House - North Carolina

You have got to check out this site!  This family totally recreated the Myers' house from the original Halloween film.  The front and side exteriors are exact replicas of the house used in the film, which to my knowledge is still standing today in CA.  The recreated house has been used in various fan films related to the Halloween series and has also been featured in the "Halloween: The Inside Story" documentary on A&E.  "Judith," a fan created film, is featured very heavily on the site and was just released online (on my birthday no less!) this year!  The film is also available to purchase on physical DVD so head on over to the site and purchase one now before supplies run out!  I don't want to steal the site's thunder by giving you all the details so read about it by visiting the site! Click here to visit the site.

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Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

Kenny is an awesome guy!! He definitely came a long ways with the house. It was neat watching it progress online.