Monday, June 7, 2010

Congratulations to the winner of the First HalloweenOverkill Giveaway!


Congratulations to the elusive Scott for winning the Wild Eye giveaway here at HalloweenOverkill (drawn at random using the integer generator). His response to his favorite horror death was, "I would have to say my favorite death scene of all time would be in Friday the 13th part 2. It occurs when the guy in the wheelchair gets roasted in the face with a machete then proceeds to roll backwards down a long flight of wooden steps. Classic! Never thought they would kill the guy in the wheelchair."  I was pretty lenient on the rules because it was my first time doing this and may have been some of yours as well. Anyhow if you are reading this right now Scott your package will be in the mail tomorrow morning (pending that you respond to my email). Congrats and stay tuned this Sunday for our next giveaway which may require a bit more creativity (or maybe not). This time I will be giving away..... well you'll have to come back Sunday to find out what the giveaway is this time.

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iZombie said...

crud, i missed it...congrats to the winner.
i will pay more attention to the next contest...