Sunday, May 8, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 22

April 24th
V is for Vegetable
Vegetable, fu%$ing vegetable!  Just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier during my A-Z Challenge I go for the win with a post on vegetables related to horror!  I probably don't even have to mention what movie uses a vegetable as a tool of the horror trade do I?  Well for those who can't quite put their finger on it, the movie I'm talking about is "Jack Frost"!
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Only in a movie about a killer snowman could there be a scene where a vegetable is used as a killing tool!  The scene in question stars the "American Pie" hottie, Shannon Elizabeth.
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After a very unsuccessful attempt at adding some sort of eroticism to the movie the bathing beauty notices something float up from the bottom of the tub.
Somehow it seems as though Jack has lost his nose while sneaking into the tub with Shannon, however it isn't long before he materializes in full force freaking the shit out of Shannon Elizabeth!
In a "you must see it to believe it" scene, we see Jack frost humping Shanon to death by way of carrot privates.  My only question is how did the carrot just "become" his, you know, part after floating up to the top of the tub?
After the horror hottie is literally "humped" to death we see the villian put his nose back into place, thus ending one of the most bizarre horror, death, rape, scenes in horror movie cinema.
I would like to thank blogger yet again for your amazing ability to center pictures!  Seriously w(hy)tf does blogger do this to me every few posts?


Dr Blood said...

I have never seen this film but I think you've just shared the best scene. :)

Halloweenman666 said...

HAHA By far the best scene in the movie however you'd be surprised at the gore and creativity of the rest of the film. You should check it out!

Anthony said...

Best part about this scene is the music...haha

Anonymous said...

Best part about this scene is the music... haha