Saturday, April 6, 2013

Slender: The Arrival Now Available!

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Remember that Indie classic, Slender: The Eight Pages?  If not you need to click here and download it immediately!  The game has you wandering around a secluded wooded area for what seems to be no reason.  You eventually find a page tacked to a tree trunk and the horror begins, for who is following you around these woods but the Slenderman!  Yes the infamous Slenderman made famous by those SomethingAwful and Creepypasta posts was finally featured in his own videogame.  The game itself was rather simple but confusing due to the nature of the fairly low scale graphics in which the entirety of the woods you wandered through looked the same throughout.  This did add a factor of creepiness to the game as you constantly felt lost as you wandered the woods.  Anyways the creator of the game agentParsec, has teamed up with Blue Isle Studios and Marble Hornets (of slenderman youtube video fame) to bring you a re-imagining of the original Slenderman: The Eight Pages now titled Slender: The Arrival!  The game is available by clicking here and is a steal at 10 bucks!  Don't listen to naysayers telling you that the Slenderman mythos is overplayed and not scary, do yourself a favor and try the game.  All I'm going to say is that I'm in the second section of the game (about 45 mins in) and have literally HATED walking through my house past our sliding door in the kitchen because of the fear this game has instilled in me.  I'm not just hyping the game, I have proclaimed several times that I am afraid of nothing on this planet other than flying yet this game has made me realize just how terrified of being alone in abandoned locations can be.  Check the game out and come back here to HalloweenOverkill in a few days for the full review of the game.........If I can strike up the courage to finish the damn thing!


Jeremy [Retro] said...

wait... where you been?

Marrow said...

Not really a video game person, but I decided to buy this anyway...

Bad idea.
I can't even get past the nerve-shattering level three. Depending on how look look at it, it was the best and/or worst $10 I've ever spent.

Good luck. I look forward to your review.