Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dark Shadows on Blu-Ray and DVD!

Got an alert in my inbox last night that told me to pre-order Dark Shadows on blu-ray!  Apparently it is being released on October 2, 2012!  I had no idea this was coming out so soon, but here are the covers for both the blu-ray and DVD.


Dark Shadows Blu-ray


Dark Shadows DVD

Here are some of the special features that are included with the blu-ray version (my preferred video medium)
-Maximum Movie Mode
-The Collinses: Every Family has its Demons
-Becoming Barnabas
-Welcome to Collinsport
-Reliving a Decade
-Angelique: A Witch Scorned
-Alice Cooper Rocks Collinsport!
-Dark Shadowy Secrets
-A Melee of Monstrous Proportions
-Dark Shadows: The Legend Bites Back!
-Six Deleted Scenes
-A bonus copy of the film on DVD
-A bonus Ultraviolet digital copy of the film
The blu-ray will also feature high definition video and audio as well.

I don't know about you, but even with some of the negative reviews that major sites have given the movie, everyone who I personally trust that had an opinion said the movie is definitely worth seeing.  I know I'll be picking this one up come October!  Will any of you be buying it as well?


Wendy the (Very Good Witch) said...

Oh yay! I was hoping it would come out in time for Halloween. I thought it would be fine marketing opportunity missed if it didn't! Enjoyed the movie, can't wait to add this to my collection. Thanks for the 411, I'm marking my calendar!

Justine's Halloween said...

"everyone who I personally trust that had an opinion said the movie is definitely worth seeing." :) Funny how that works, hey? I look forward to hearing your review of Dark Shadows. Sounds like there are going to be some cool extras to go with the movie!

By the way, I just sent you an email with those three blog award answers.

Little Gothic Horrors said...

Oh, I saw 'Dark Shadows' at the cinema and thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm really looking forward to the DVD too!

Good luck with the blog makeover! I wish I could have been more help, but I can see from your Twitter conversations with Justine that you are in good hands! :)

[Retro-Zombie] said...

i didn't like it... i tried to like it... i really did. burton wants to be the woody allen of weird, stop it.