Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Awards Update

Now that I'm back to blogging there are some awards that I'd like to post and give thanks for that have been sitting in my inbox for far too long.  First up is the iDig Your Blog Award, bestowed upon me by the most excellent Holly over at Holly's Horror Land! (sorry it took almost a year to thank you Holly!)


iDig Your Blog Award Procedure
1. Gratefully accept the award
2. Link to the person who you received it from
3. Post 3 interesting facts about yourself
4. Pass the award on to at least 5 other awesome blogs
5. Notify those blogs

1.  Holly, I'd like to thank you soooo much for this award!
2. Check out her amazing blog - Holly's Horrorland
3. Here are 3 interesting things about me
- Way back when I lived with my parents, I had a Halloween Yard Haunt for about 7 straight years, they were all Scarecrow/Cornfield themed!
- I have two cats, a grey one named Roxas, and a black one named Dracula.  Believe it or not I picked out the name Roxas and my wife actually picked the name Dracula for the black one!
- Here's a two-fer, I asked my wife to tell me something interesting about myself and she says "I don't know, you have a unibrow, you like Coke (the softdrink haha)."  Yes that's how interesting my wife thinks I am.
4. These are the blogs iDig!
5. Going to notify them now!

The second award, and one that I was given a little more recently is the Liebster Award!  This award was graciously awarded to me by It Came from the Man Cave!


Liebster Award Rules
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves
2. Each person must answer 11 questions asked by the person handing out the Liebster Award
3. Create 11 questions for the people you are giving the Liebster Award to answer
4. Choose 11 people to give the award to and link to them in the post (no tag backs)
5. Notify the award recipients

Here are my 11 things about myself
1. My favorite video game series of all time is the Monkey Island series (I'm sure I've stated this about a million times on this blog)
2. I am addicted to Coca Cola
3. I am obsessed with collecting books related to Halloween (among other things) and currently have quite the collection
4. I was born and raised in Detroit
5. My wife and I just had our first child and bought our first house all within about 2 months!
6. I am obsessed with the Olympics (I like the winter games better, but love both)
7. My favorite shows of all time include, Lost, King of Queens, Home Improvement, and Are You Afraid of the Dark?.
8. I'm two years into completing a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science right now.
9. I love Terry Pratchett and his Discworld novels!
10. My favorite single food dish - Basil Friend Rice with Chicken (Green Mango in Monroeville!)
11. I was mortally terrified by horror films and horror characters especially Freddy Krueger (long story) until I was about 12 (quite the coincidence seeing as how I later became obsessed with the genre)

Here are my answers to the 11 questions created by It Came from the Man Cave

1. What is your favorite horror host?
(have to give a close second to Wolfman Mac another fellow neighbor from Detroit!)

2. If you only had 5 minutes to look at one website what would it be?

3. Do you hold the door open for people?  If no, why not?
Yes I hold the door open for people, however the amount of rude people that will not reciprocate or say thank you makes me not want to hold doors anymore

4. Marvel or DC?
DC by a mile, better heroes, WAYYYYYY better villians

5. Favorite Halloween Special
Oh boy, where to begin.  Let's do it this way, as far as animated specials go, either The Halloween Tree or It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  For live action specials, I would say either the Home Improvement Halloween episodes, or the Roseanne Halloween specials.  But honestly there are so many good ones in general.

6. Meat or Veggies?
Easy one, Meat

7. What was your first car? 
1988 Chrysler LeBaron

8. Favorite movie of all time?
I am terrible with answering these single favorite questions.  My faves are Scarface (Pacino version), Wizard of Oz, Shaun of the Dead, Halloween...... the list goes on. If I had to pick one, I would have to say Halloween (1978)

9. Zombies or Vampires?
Tough one, I love them both.  If I had to pick one, I'd say zombies

10. What is your dream job?
Anything that would involve horror, the macabre, Halloween.... perhaps a writing job, a directing job, or even a creative consultant job for a Halloween haunt. (please contact me if you can offer me any of these jobs haha)

11. I think tattoos are gross, how many do you have?
0 - although I have some ideas (let's see what my wife thinks of these so-called ideas, haha)

Here are the 11 questions that you must answer for the winners of my Liebster Award
1. What is your favorite Halloween tradition/memory?
2. Halloween III - terrible or underrated?
3. Your favorite guilty pleasure film?
4. If you could meet any one horror icon dead or alive, who would it be?
5. What is your favorite holiday other than Halloween (assuming it is your fave, it is right?)
6. What is your favorite t.v. show of all time?
7. Is there a single horror movie or scene you cannot stomach to watch, what is it?
8. What is more exciting, a horrible thunderstorm or an insane snowstorm?
9. Who is your favorite fictional horror icon?
10. What is your favorite Halloween treat?
11. You can only watch one Halloween special/movie this year, what do you choose?
There you have it, have fun and go wild with those questions!

The 11 people I choose to pass on the Liebster Award are:

There you have it, I will be letting those 11 know that I passed the Liebster Award on to them!  I'd like to thank Holly's Horrorland and It Came from the Man Cave for my awards!


Wendy the (Very Good Witch) said...

Oh I can now breath a sigh of relief, as I see that you luckily bestowed an award upon me that I also had sitting on my computer for the last year, and JUST got around to posting a couple days ago. So, thank you so much for choosing me, and I am now going to consider myself exempt from completing the same task twice cause I think my existing one should count...don't you? Good....me too...because I just don't have enough interesting things about me to do it twice...ha!

But again, thank you so much. Seems we both collect Halloween books and love The Halloween Tree. Now that you have a little one, you can start collecting Children's Halloween Books too. I love them most of all, and have a big collection. My kids LOVE to read them during October...a family tradition! :o)

The Scream Queen said...

Thanks for the award! I appreciate it :)

It Came From The Man Cave said...

Wolf man mac is great I would put him up on top as well! I was privileged to have RTV for a year. When Comcast pulled that channel I was so mad! I miss watching the whole crew at the Drive in. And If its OK to chime in Halloween 3 UNDERRATED!!