Monday, August 1, 2011

Grandin Road Halloween Preview

I honestly cannot believe that up until this year I had not heard of Grandin Road.  Grandin Road is an online store of sorts that sells home furnishings of the Martha Stewart ilk.  BUT......... they also sell absolutely amazing Halloween decorations as well.  Check out their preview for this year's Halloween collection that will debut on August 1st (yeah that's today, I meant to post this last night, whoops)  The preview is really high quality stuff and actually showcases some of their more awesome wares.  Check out Grandin Road (click the blue link above the video below) and see if they have anything that might up the spook factor in your home this Halloween.


Justine's Halloween said...

Oh, yeah! Grandin Road makes good stuff. I really like the Life-size Venetian Victoria Halloween Figure. I wouldn't want to bump into that in the night! I always wonder if people who decorate with life-sized props run into them while getting a snack during the night and then freak out. :)

By the way, I was in Bath and Body Works the other day and saw the Halloween display. That coffin shaped soap dispenser complete with skeleton was the best. I can't believe it lit up! I'm not into the green apple scent inside, but the design was awesome!

Shannon Lawrence said...

Oh man, I will have to pass this onto my hubby. He's the Clark Griswold of Halloween decorations (he's also the Clark Griswold of Christmas decorations, so it's a trend).

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