Friday, August 5, 2011

The Dark Meadow coming soon


As you all know I love to do stories related to games on the iOS.  Games have come a long way on the iPhone and iPad and I think they are starting to really shine as fullblown video games.  It doesn't hurt that I own an iPad as well, so it's quite easy to become engaged in this new video game platform.  One of these upcoming games for iOS devices is entitled "The Dark Meadow" which will utilize the Unreal 3 graphics engine to bolster it's graphical intentsity.  Once you check out the screenshots and trailer below I think you'll agree it appears to be one hell of a creepy game!  I'd also like to mention that I think it's totally unfair to compare some games to others, especially ones that haven't even come out yet, but I can't help but notice the similarities between "The Dark Meadow" and some of the other horror games I've played in the past.  However let me be the first to say that, that is in no way, shape, or form a bad thing, this game looks amazing!  Here is the description straight from the official website.
 "You wake in the bed of a hospital long ago fallen to stunning ruin, not knowing or understanding why you are here. You are greeted by the only normal looking person in this world, who sends you on a quest to gather what you need to track down and defeat the evil presence that has you trapped in this never-ending parallel world. The decaying hallways and rooms are haunted by creatures relentlessly hounding your every move. As you explore, you learn more and more about the mystery from the world and what you find in it, evidence to be gleaned from the environment, snippets of the past of this forsaken place, words and writings from others who have been trapped here, and you look for clues of how to get out."

Sounds pretty good to me!  Check out the trailer and some screenshots below to really whet your appetite for "The Dark Meadow" which is supposed to hit the Apple app store sometime in August.

Here are some screenshots
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click the title at the very top or below to be taken to the official site!


Random Girl said...

Well this just looks kick ass

Jessica Penot said...

It looks a little like Silent Hill.

Halloweenman666 said...

Hey, I didn't say it, haha

Vanessa Morgan said...

Wow! Looks amazing and pretty creepy too, especially the tentacles.