Thursday, February 10, 2011

Taking suggestions.....

Anybody have any suggestions on what you'd like to see for the A-Z Blogging Challenge?  How about the A-Z of Halloween, or A-Z of ways to get offed in a horror film?  Let me know of anything you ghouls would like to see.  I would also like updates from those participating in the reading adventure so I can post them!  Thanks ghouls and start posting those ideas!!!


Marrow said...

A-Z of traditional halloween things. Less the monster? horror side of things and more organic halloween stuff. Eg: B is for Black Cat, C is for Cornstalks, L is for Leaves, P is for Pumpkin. Feel free to use any/all of those ones I mentioned.

By the way, (I think) this is my first comment here, and I just want to let you know you have an awesome blog. Really cool reading about Are You Afraid of The Dark! I used to love that show when I was 6! In the title sequence, there was a shot of a bloody zombie by a pool and so I spent one day every week praying that this episode would be the pool zombie one.

Also, your goosebumps reviews are great! I spent many hours sitting in the school library gazing at the covers when I was little. There is a really huge variety of quality in those books. Sometimes I wonder if they are even written byb the same author. I am now recollecting the goosebumps books/videos from second hand shops.

Keep up the fantastic blog!

TDFC99 said...

i would love to see a master death wish of celebrities and the horrible ways they get off'd on screen... just a character they played and the way they got it... not the actors just ones that are in the news or on the "a" list... it doesn't even need to be horror, just a death scene. ex: natilie portman - pada'me revenge of the sith... choked to death... well sort of during birth'n... maybe.


Arlee Bird said...

Whatever you pick I think the idea of a running theme is a really good one. You are taking the right approach. When people tell me they can't think of what to write for the A to Z Challenge, I can only think that they must not be thinking. I gave you a thank you on my post for today.

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