Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hallmark Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Christmas Ornament!!

My wife and I have started collecting all sorts of nerdy related goodies for our newborn, as we hope he is into geek culture as much as we are.  These goodies are not limited to the Monster Fighters Lego series sets, Mars Attacks cards, and of course various horror collectibles.  What we didn't do however was include his grandparents in this obsessive collecting adventure because they had already expressed their displeasure in our forcing the little one to be a "baby geek".  They must have changed their minds however because as my wife and I pulled up to the house we found a package on the porch addressed to the little guy from my parents, and guess what it contained?  Some cute little shorts adorned in skulls and crossbones, two packs of Mars Attacks cards, and this little early Christmas treat!

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So what this equates to is that instead of the little guy getting some cheesy "Babies First Christmas" ornament for the tree, he gets this badass "Magic" keepsake ornament as his first!  (I'm sure my wife and I will end up buying said cheesy "Babies First Christmas" ornament anyways.)


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As soon as I opened this for the little guy I instantly became jealous.  Me a grown man jealous of a little 4 month old, and over a Christmas ornament no less!  Well you see, my mom has a tradition of buying me a Christmas ornament each year (even now my parents give me a new one each and every year) and I can assure you that although they have bought me some astoundingly awesome ornaments, none of them have ever done this...

This is an actual recording that I did to show how the audio sounds from the ornament, no audio enhancement was done.  Pretty amazing sounding isn't it?

So there you have it, an absolutely fantastic little gift from my parents to the baby, and one that I certainly won't mind playing with a little bit until he is old enough to tell me "Uh, sorry Dad but I believe that is MY Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Christmas Ornament!"

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"Magic" means I know where you sleep at night......

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