Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Leprechaun Reboot?


So it would appear that the Leprechaun series is going to get a reboot courtesy of........ The WWE??????  How about WTF?  Does this seriously need to be rebooted, wouldn't another sequel be just as well?  And the WWE, seriously?  I swear on left thumb that if they use that leprechaun asshole from the WWE that I will, well shit I don't know what I'll do but it will involve plyers, needles, and my eyeballs.

"fuckswaggle" isn't that his name?

I honestly don't have a problem with the series and the horror/comedy route that it has taken, like I said I'd just be fine with a well produced sequel to be honest.  What are your thoughts on this, should we get a reboot, a sequel, or just leave the series as it is?


Cherry Neko said...

Well I am a fan of Leprechaun and I'm a wrestling fan too, but the two combined make me really sad. And yes Hornswoggle is set to play the role. Very sad indeed.

It Came From The Man Cave said...

I've got a Leibster award for you...come check it out