Monday, August 18, 2014

The New Home of HalloweenOverkill!

It has been far too long my little ghouls and ghosts but finally HalloweenOverkill has found itself a new home right here on weebly (click the giant banner below to be taken there!).  After many false starts and breaks in the blog that was over at blogger I hope to finally bring you an entertaining stop on your quest for all things Halloween (and general horror of course) while you peruse the internet!  Stop by a few times a week for your dose of Halloween goodness and please leave comments letting me know what you think of what you find here.  Also if you explore around on the blog you will find buttons that link to my Halloween centric pinterest boards, my twitter, my email contact (especially important if you are a company who wants a product reviewed and/or included in a giveaway!), and my facebook page.  I will also be sharing my favorite pages on the web, just check under the links page.  In the future I hope to have giveaways, reviews, exclusive features such as Slasher Sunday, Creature Feature Friday, "Are You Afraid of the Blog", Tomes of Terror, live tweet events, top ten lists, and more!

If you still follow HalloweenOverkill here on blogspot just be aware that eventually the blog will be completely moved over to weebly.  I will continue to post any major posts here on blogger but again the blog's new home is on weebly (!!!!!

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