Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Design?

Anyone out there an expert on Blogger templates or designs?  I have a few major burning questions that I'd like to ask so that I can cosmetically change a few things on my blog.  If so email me or leave me a comment here so that I can contact you.  I'm usually pretty good at this stuff but just can't figure out these few things I want to change.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Is this thing still on?

WOW!  After some crazy life events of 2011 I just couldn't keep up with the blog anymore.  However things seem to have stabilized, at least for now (the baby is due in 3 months!) and I am just itching to return the fabulous blog world that I used to contribute to.  I really miss all my blog friends and reading your comments (my favorite part!) and hearing your opinions on my thoughts.  I also miss regularly reading YOUR blogs and vow to return to regular commenting on them starting today!  So if anyone out there still has any love left in their bloody hearts for HalloweenOverkill let me know in the comments, or if you're new and just want to cheer me on, that always helps as well!