Friday, August 30, 2013

Monsters of Legend Review

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Monsters of Legend Cover Art

So often we debate whether or not movies, music, and video games are "art".  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines art as (n): decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter & (adj.): produced as an artistic effort or for decorative purposes.  By these definitions a musical cd isn't "printed matter" in the way described above, nor is it for decorative purposes.  These definitions imply art as a form "visual" matter in my opinion.  This is the beauty of The Midnight Syndicates new release "Monsters of Legend", it is not only something to listen to, but the sounds within create mental "decorations" if you will.  That's the thing about Monsters of Legend, if you just put the music on and lay back and close your eyes you will be instantly transported to a foggy cliffside castle, or a romp through an ancient european forest, or even perhaps a creepy old village where something is "not quite right".  People might ask if the new CD is a collection of creepy music, or is more of a soundscape of sorts.  My answer to them would be both.  As you listen to Monsters of Legend a well defined classic horror movie will play out in your head (if you have even the slightest imagination for these sorts of things, and if not why are you reading this!) accompanied by the gorgeous soundtrack provided by the music that accompanies the sound effects on the CD.  You will enter the village of Arcacia, visit the Inn of the Weeping Sparrow, experience the Witching Hour, take a Carriage Ride to the Dark Tower, and finally come face to face with A Terror Unleashed in a Cloistered Cemetery.  Yes some of those are actual song titles from the CD and I challenge you to purchase the CD, listen to those tracks, and tell me that they don't perfectly describe the scenes that will play out in your head!  A lot of the tracks on Monsters of Legend lean more toward the musical side but again there is a ton of stuff going on in the background if you listen close enough.  This is easily one of my favorite Midnight Syndicate releases and I will definitely be finding a way to incorporate it into my yard haunt this year.  What better way to kick off the Halloween Season than with a new release from the masters of Halloween Music, the Midnight Syndicate!  Click here to purchase Monsters of Legend!

Track Listing:
1.  Return to Arcacia
2.  Into the Valley of Shadows
3.  A Watchful Gathering
4.  Inn of the Weeping Sparrow
5.  Unwanted Visitor
6.  Requiem
7.  Witching Hour 
8.  Unexpected Cargo
9.  Black Woods
10.  Twilight
11.  Carriage Ride (My Favorite Track!)
12.  Stone Guardians
13.  Ancient Portal
14.  Dark Tower
15.  Building the Monster
16.  Lord of the Realm
17.  Forgotten Alcoves
18.  A Terror Unleashed
19.  Cloistered Cemetary
20.  It Lives!
21.  Beyond the Veil of Time

Don't those track names just make you wish it was Halloween already!  Once again click here to buy the CD and click the graphic to visit The Midnight Syndicate's website.  If you haven't figured this out from the review above I am awarding Monsters of Legend 5 "Jolly Jack-O-Lanterns!"

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Full Disclosure: A review copy of Monsters of Legend was provided by Midnight Syndicate Halloween Music